How much does a wedding cost in South Wales?

Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming, given that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that necessitates time, effort, research, and money – maybe lots of it! There are plenty of things to consider from venue bookings to flower arrangements when organizing that big day, but the budget will be a top priority. Regardless, it doesn’t take away the anticipation and thrill of the process.

So, for love birds, who dream of getting hitched in the beautiful, diverse state of South Wales, look no further than this comprehensive guide detailing how much a wedding is likely to cost in this vibrant region of the United Kingdom. By the end of it, any interested planner would be able to create a well-thought-out budget with no surprises.

Exactly What Do Couples Need To Know?

A survey by Bark shows the average price of a wedding in Wales, which includes the loosely defined South Wales region, is (drum roll please) £11,926, making it the cheapest location in the UK. This covers everything from wedding photography to decorations. It’s no surprise that budget-conscious couples flock to this region, as opposed to London and East Midlands which average £17,480 and £22,180, respectively.

Beyond cost, South Wales is rich in history and home to various landmarks, ranging from the Vale of Usk to the scenic Glamorgan Heritage Coast. What’s more, Wales is one of the UK’s fastest-growing regions, according to BBC. As such, it doesn’t pale in comparison to other places when it comes to offering quality venues, catering, transportation, and more. Below are detailed descriptions of each sector based on its rates.

Venue Hire

Wedding venues are one of the most important components of any wedding, and South Wales is home to a good number of them. They vary in size, aesthetics, and amenities, with some of them including castles, stately homes, and manor houses. The average cost of hiring a venue here is £1,200.

Upscale and trendy cities like Newport, Swansea, and Cardiff are good options for those who’d prefer an urban setting for their wedding. However, for less than £1,000, couples can say “I do” in style while enjoying the picturesque countryside of The Vale Of Glamorgan, Mumbles or Monmouthshire.

Hire fees and per-person charges are available, either per hour, per session, or per day. The average cost of a session in districts like Bedminster is £60 per person, while in Pentyrch it’s around £40. It is even possible to find a decent venue in Cardiff city centre for £35 per person, per day. Hire rates are usually on the steep side, starting at £1,500 per day to £9,999 per session.

Some venues provide all-inclusive wedding packages where everything is covered from a three-course wedding breakfast to B&B accommodation for couples and guests while others have limited packages, in which individual items come with price tags. For a more flexible approach, couples can rent the venue and negotiate with the suppliers directly.

Wedding Dress

No wedding is complete without a wedding dress, and the good news is that Welsh brides get to choose from an array of beautiful gowns, ranging from floral A-lines to mermaid cuts and floor-sweeping sheaths. In the capital city, Cardiff, bridal shops offer an incredible selection of high-quality, elegant designs with an average price of £1,500. Ready-to-wear gowns can cost as little as £699 or as much as £3,000 or more.

Keen-eyed shoppers may stumble on amazing, discounted deals for under £249 in Pengam, while those in Swansea, The Mumbles, and Glamorgan can get decent wedding gowns for less than £150. Big spenders, on the other hand, can expect to shell out £10,000 to £100,000 or more on luxury catwalk designer dresses, regardless of their locations.


A major highlight of any wedding celebration, photography is arguably one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. As such, couples will want to invest in this aspect and make sure the right person is behind the lens, capturing every moment and making sure it lasts a lifetime.

Regardless of how tight on a budget they may be, every couple would want to invest in professional photography services. Thankfully, hiring a seasoned photographer in South Wales doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The price, which includes photos in digital format as well as prints, sits anywhere between £650 and £1,450. Throw in a photo album and expect to pay up to £2,200 or even more.

As with other services, photography rates vary based on season, experience, location, and personal preference. Peak times during the summer months are pricier than during the off-season, and early booking is recommended.

Groom’s Attire

Just like the brides, grooms want to look the part on the big day, and that usually means dressing up in a tuxedo or suit. While they usually look as stunning as bridal gowns, the best suits in South Wales don’t have to break the bank, as they start at £189 for a decent slim-fit jacket. However, a 3-piece suit rental in Cardiff will run at £99.

Bridal Hair And Makeup

Brides-to-be, and their bridesmaids, will definitely need a helping hand on the most crucial day of their lives, which is where bridal hair and makeup services come in handy. As expected, there is no shortage of beauty professionals in South Wales, with many offering an array of affordable packages to suit their client’s needs.

On average, wedding hair stylists charge £200, while makeup artists charge £235 for groups, both negotiable. Often included in their services are consultations and trial runs for a flawless look on the big day.


The catering industry in South Wales is renowned for its excellent offerings in various sectors, from traditional restaurants to upscale hotels and event facilities. With such an impressive number of places to pick from, couples can pick the one that best fits their wedding theme and menu requirements. A typical catering event costs £4,750, but costs per head typically start at £35.

Some venues only offer in-house catering. Others offer external catering options and bring-your-own (BYO) alcohol. Menu packages are customizable, ranging from Halal to gluten-free and even vegan-only options. Couples may get complimentary tea, coffee, and water. However, not all venues provide them.


Overall, wedding planning in South Wales comes with different benefits, including low costs, stunning venues, and vast catering options. To ensure couples get the best bang for their buck, adequate research is needed, which is the essence of this guide. Armed with the information here, they will be in a better position to plan their dream wedding without stressing too much about the bottom line.

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