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Sometimes we all need a list in our life, and whether your big day is two years away or just around the corner, a carefully crafted schedule of your next steps is never far from reach.

Here at De Courceys Manor, we are most definitely a fan of a daily to-do. We wouldn’t dream of starting each day without scribbling some notes in our books, it’s a way of setting our goals for each day and feeling very organised for the weekend ahead. And naturally, there is something incredibly satisfying about crossing off each item on your list!

We put together our wedding checklist back in 2011, and it has become an essential tool for assisting couples plan their big day at the manor. It covers every part of your special day, from the cake delivery time, through to how many guests will be staying overnight in our wedding apartment.

The list is provided as part of your welcome pack once you book your big day with us, and we know many of you will start filling this up the moment you arrive home! The idea behind the checklist is that it gives you a comprehensive idea of what kind of information we will require from you during the final stages of your wedding planning. The final stages are usually the most stressful, and of course, we would like to be as helpful as possible!

We will contact you a few months before your big day is due to take place to confirm a convenient date and time for your final appointment – we are very flexible and are more than willing to work around you and your commitments. The appointment itself must take place no more than six weeks before your wedding day, and we politely ask that your checklist is completed and returned to us no later than one week before your appointment.

The reason why we ask for the checklist in advance is to ensure that your final appointment is as relaxed as possible, and we can begin organising your day before you arrive. This means more time for catching up on your plans, and discussing any queries you may have regarding your big day – and most importantly, you can focus on enjoying another trip to your dream wedding venue!

If you’ve just booked with us, or if you’re finalising the important details, we know our checklist will be your new best friend – you can find it here. Right … we’re off to write our checklist for this week!

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