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A Performer’s Review Of De Courceys

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I have performed many times at De Courceys over the last 16 years when performing with the Classic Soul Dogs and now as the Dave Mitchell Soul Band and have always found it a warm and welcoming venue. It prides itself on being one of the top South Wales wedding venues and it is correct to do so. The building itself is relatively new having been rebuilt in the 1980s following a fire which destroyed the original timber building which had stood since the 1890s.

The Technical Stuff

The main function room has a large bay window in which I have performed with a 4 piece and an 8 piece band, so there is flexibility in the kind of lineup that could perform at the venue. There is ample power supply both sides of the window and with the curtains drawn you can control the lighting in the room effectively, even on the brightest of summer evenings.

The venue often use a house DJ who sets up at the opposite end of the room meaning space does not need to be shared.

Access to the room is via a service corridor leading directly to rear doors with a ramped entry. We have always set up during the room turnaround and the staff have always prioritised clearing our space first so the time can be used effectively to set the room and the band at the same time.

The room takes the sound of a large band well and the acoustic is relatively dry meaning the detail of the performance is not lost and the PA system does not have to be driven too hard to counter a wet acoustic.

My experience

I have always found the staff at De Courceys Manor to be polite and helpful, they make you feel like you are part of the team on a wedding night and this goes a long way to explaining why they are a top south wales wedding venue. They have always looked after us well, offering refreshment and food when required. The food is fantastic by the way!

There have been two weddings that stand out in my memory. The first was a New Year’s Eve wedding back in 2012. There was an extra level of energy that evening which kept the dance floor full long after we had seen the new year in with Auld Lang Syne and combined with the fact that the guests were an absolute delight and the atmosphere was very special, it made for a very memorable night for all of us.

The other wedding that stands out was being asked to perform for our previously long serving lead female vocalist Sophie. Performing for a friend is always special and we were delighted when Sophie and Tim asked us to be there. After a little persuasion from us and all of her family and friends she joined us on stage and belted out some Aretha Franklin.

The verdict – is De Courceys one of South Wales top wedding venues ?

De Courceys Manor is a beautiful venue with lots of space indoor and out. It’s secluded settings mean you really feel you have complete run of the venue and with a team of staff that are courteous and looking to be helpful it stands out for me as one of the best South Wales wedding venues.

De Courceys are having a wedding showcase on 28th November from 5pm to 8pm, this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to visit and see the venue in all its glory. Once you’ve decided you are going to book your wedding there, don’t forget to give Dave Mitchell Music a call to organise your entertainment!

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