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About De Courceys Wedding Venue

About De Courceys Manor

De Courceys Manor is a family-run business where every member of our team is passionate that your experience with us is outstanding. Our attention to detail is meticulous, driven by our commitment to meet your precise needs. We make sure that every occasion at De Courceys Manor is unique and that sets us apart from other venues.

The history of De Courceys Manor starts in 1890 when Frederick De Courcey Hamilton had a magnificent wooden hunting lodge, complete in every detail, shipped over from his native Sweden to placate his homesick wife. The building became a local landmark; and, when it sadly burnt down in the late 1980s, the then owners decided to rebuild on the present site to keep his legacy alive – faithfully recreating the warmth, spirit and hospitality of the historic family home. Over the next 20 years, De Courceys Manor established itself as the place to enjoy fine food – arguably, the area’s most prestigious establishment. In 2010, De Courceys Manor was handed to its current owners and have since dedicated themselves to refurbishing the establishment and re positioning De Courceys Manor as one of Wales' most distinctive and picturesque wedding, dining and conference regional venues.

Their passion for perfection has made this the first choice for occasions and events of every kind and size. Because it is independently owned, you can be certain that the service you receive is personal, and that every detail is planned and delivered. Situated in beautifully landscaped grounds in rural surroundings, De Courceys Manor is unique not only in its setting – but also in the service, warmth and hospitality, and the way that every event and every guest is treated as individual. In fact, the whole venue can be made exclusively available for a group as small as 20… or as large as 200. With a selection of rooms available – each with their own charm and ambiance – your party or event can be tailored precisely to your wishes. Whether you are looking for a sumptuous wedding, an important boardroom meeting or a private dining experience to mark a special occasion, our beautiful Manor can offer both character and versatility.


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"There are no strangers here,
only friends we meet for the first time,"

Wrote Frederick De Courcey Hamilton. And that remains as true today as it did a 120 years ago.
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